In today's complicated world, It pays to have an honest friend on your side. 

With advances in technology, the world is becoming a smaller place.  Companies span across nations, individuals own property nationally and internationally, and people are becoming more interconnected than ever.  With these advances and increased connections comes increasingly complicated legal issues that touch and concern everyone from private individuals and small start-up businesses, to government entities and Fortune 500 companies.

Whether creating a will or trust to ensure your family and loved ones are secure, turning you passions and hobbies into profitable businesses, or taking your existing business to the next level, having an honest friend on your side is invaluable. No matter your legal needs, Solouki | Savoy has the solution.

Our Clients

Solouki | Savoy’s clients come from all walks of life. Los Angeles has long been viewed as a melting-pot for individuals from every corner of the world. The ability to offer a diverse roster of legal services to the Los Angeles community allows Solouki Savoy to build relationships with a wide range of Angelinos.

Our Services

Los Angeles is split into multiple communities within a community.  Each community has legal needs unique to them, while all communities share some similar legal needs.  Being a full service law firm allows us to tap into the needs of each community and offer exemplary legal services.